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So I'm like extremely late on this whole Book Blogger Love-A-Thon, because I was oblivious to the fact that it existed until I started seeing all the tweets earlier, so after some research I came across Alexa and Katelyn's blogs and discovered what all the fuss was about!! If you (like me) haven't heard of the Book Blogger Love-A-Thon, it's two days full of spreading the love for book blogs and the bloggers behind them, full of fun mini-challenges, chats, and prizes! Thanks ladies for coming up with this awesome idea and hosting!! I'm so excited to participate for the very first time and meet new blogging buddies!! I noticed a lot of the blogs are putting all their challenges on the same post so I'll do the same for today! I'll make a new post for tomorrow though!

Book Blogger Interview

How did you come up with your blog name?

I really wanted a unique name for my blog. I mean, who doesn't, right? But while I wanted it to be unique, I also wanted something that related to me in a sense. I used to play Roller Derby, and in Roller Derby, there is a position called a Pivot.  It's the Pivot's responsibility to direct the rest of the team, and I think that kind of relates to what I strive to do on my blog. I want to "direct" people towards books that they will love with my reviews! And there ya have it! Pivot Book Reviews was born!

What genre/subject matter do you read and review most on your blog?

I mostly read YA books, anything from Dystopian to Fantasy with an occasional Contemporary in the mix.

Name the 3 books you're excited for in 2014!

JUST THREE? Oh, wow. This is going to be difficult to narrow down to just three!! Let's see...

1. On The Fence by Kasie West
2. Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas 
3. The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings 

Where in the world are you blogging from?


Tell us -- how did you get into blogging in the first place?

Honestly, I've been following blogs for a few years, and reading ever since I was little. All it took was a  constant inner monologue with myself, trying to give myself the guts to just go ahead and do it. It was one of my New Year's Resolutions last year, and I was so upset with myself that I didn't do it that I just sat myself down on Jan 1st this year, and forced myself to (like Nike says) just do it. I am so grateful that I did, because it has been the most rewarding experience of my life. I absolutely adore blogging, and wish so much that I would've done it earlier!

Apart from reading, what other hobbies/interests do you have?

Other hobbies exist? Haha just kidding. I really spend most of my time reading, but on the rare occasion that I'm not doing that, you can find me roller skating, drawing, painting, or writing! I totes live an exciting life, wouldn't you say? ;)

If you were stuck on a deserted island, which books would you bring with you?

All of them? Does that answer count? I say it does! 

If you were stuck in some dangerous situation (like a fire, a sinking ship, a warzone), which book boy or girl would you want to come and save you?

I would want Chaol from the Throne of Glass series to come save me, because let's just face it, he's a total badass.

You’re attending a party with your friends. Suddenly, the DJ changes the song and it’s YOUR song – what song would that be?

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. I've been obsessed with that song for the past year now. It's just so awesome.

What 3 movies would you love to have your favorite author write into books, or vice versa?

Can someone PLEASE write a YA book like The Sound of Music?! That's the only thing I'm asking for! For now, at least, because that's the only one I can think of.... 
Mini-Challenge #1: Book Spine Poetry

For this challenge, make up a poem only using the spine of your books!

I've tried my hand at this before, and it's SO HARD!! I still think I suck, but this is what I came up with. I hope you all like it.

Mini-Challenge #2: Book Valentines

For this challenge, we are asking you to write a love letter to your book boyfriend(s)/girlfriend(s)!

My ultimate Book Boyfriend is Peeta Mellark, so this was a pretty easy choice for me. I'm sure you all know who Peeta is, but here's a picture for your viewing pleasure!

Dearest Peeta, 

I baked you a cake with orange frosting.
It may or may not taste good.
Be at my house tonight to find out. ;)
Don't worry, I'll make it worth your while.

Happy Hunger Ga-
Well, this is awkward.
I thought..


Love, Becca

Mini-Challenge #3- Mad Lib 
(7 p.m.)

For this challenge, fill out the Mad Lib provided.

Without further ado, here's my Mad Lib. I got quite a kick out of it after I filled in my words!! I hope you all get a few laughs like I did. 
One day, I was CRASHING with PEETA. Out of the blue, a FLOWER came out of nowhere! It was so PRETTYSOFT, and RISKY. At first, we were afraid, we were petrified, but we JUMPED. We hopped on A UFO to make our getaway. 

As we escaped, we turned up the radio because SINCE YOU BEEN GONE BY KELLY CLARKSON came on and made me SCREAM. Everything was extremely smooth sailing until a LAMB appeared in the middle of the road. We swerved to avoid it, but while PEETA stayed on THE UFO, I got thrown onto my side in the woods.

I couldn't get up, and felt SNARKY as I lay there staring up at the trees. What was I going to do? I heard a POP among the leaves, and felt ANXIOUS. Surely, this was going to be my end. As my eyes fluttered shut, the last thing I saw was a head of TURQUOISE hair and HOT PINK eyes.

When I woke up again, I was on a DESK. My body hurt a whole lot less, and I could sit up. There was a SHOE and CANDLE in the room, along with PRETZELS and WINE. The door suddenly opened to reveal TREVOR, a concerned look on his face. I blushed and averted my gaze, but he SKIPPED and said, "Don't be shy. It's okay."

He came over to sit by me, and we started talking after I told him my name. We chatted about PLAYING FOOTBALL, BAKING CAKES, and READING and realized we had a ton in common! I thought he was ROUGH and couldn't help feeling a little swoony. 

Just as he reached out for my hand, the door crashed open and in came ADRIAN. "Don't let him charm you away, my love!" He yelled, running at TREVOR. They each had SPOONS in their hands and began to fight. "Stop!", I yelled, feeling so HAPPY. They didn't listen to me. Before I could intervene, TREVOR fell to the floor and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

"What was that?" I asked, staring at the empty space. ADRIAN dropped his weapon, and came over to me. "Magic, but you are safe now, DARLIN'." He hugged me close, and I suddenly knew that this was the real deal and not just a dream.

Just as "CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE BY ELVIS PRESLEY" started playing in my head, I woke up. I cursed my SILLY luck. Why had it only been just a dream?

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  1. TEAM CHAOL FOR LIFE! *fist bump* I love that man. I also really like your book spine poetry because it's got a romantic, dreamy sort of air to it. And your mad libs? PRICELESS.

    1. YES!! I just love him. *le sigh* Aw thank you!! I thought it was horrible personally! Lol, but I really enjoyed the Madlibs! I haven't done one of those in for-ev-er!! Thanks Alexa :)

  2. Your Peeta Valentine is hilarious. Seriously great.

  3. If I were stuck on a deserted island, I'd bring all my books too! Who knows how long I'd be stuck there :D
    A UFO is a very unique mode of transportation though, but I imagine it would be fun! Lol. :D
    -Farzy @ Books Keep Me Sane

    1. EXACTLY! I mean, it's not like it said what book would you bring! So what? I may have cheated a bit, but oh well! Haha thanks Farzy!! I think it would be awesome to travel by a UFO!

  4. Your love letter to Peeta had me laughing out loud! I would so accidentally bring up the hunger games with him around and then it would just be awkward... But hey, there'd be cake so whatever! Also Chaol! I'm dying for the next book.

    Anyway, glad you got into book blogging this year! It's so much fun isn't it? Love your blog :)

    Jesse @ Pretty In Fiction

    1. Haha I've heard that it was pretty hilarious! I'm glad someone thinks I'm funny!! Everything is okay as long as there's cake, right! Oh gosh, I am too!! I think I'm going to buy the novellas too!

      It's such a blast! I absolutely love it!! Thanks Jesse :D

  5. OMG BECCA! I love Peeta too! SO SO MUCH! And he's our book valentine as well! I think your letter to him is hilarious, your book spine is just lovely and the mad lib is so random but also creative! :D Great job! :)

    -Kimi at Geeky Chiquitas

    BTW i am following you now (yay!), i only realized that i haven't followed you yet :)

  6. The Madlibs cracked me up! A UFO? Genius!

    Thanks for the find and follow. You have a new fan here yourself.

    1. Haha I loved the Madlibs so much!! It was so much fun!! Thanks girly!! :)

  7. Your blog name really reminds me of Pivot Point haha. YEAH HEIR OF FIRE!!

    Your letter to Peeta is hilarious xD

    1. Haha I dont mind that it sounds like Pivot Point at all! Bc it's one of my very favs! Heir of Fire!! Gosh I cannot wait for it!! Thanks Charlotte! :)

  8. That is SO COOL that you did roller derby! And I love your love note to Peeta!!

    1. Aw thanks Liz! Yeah I really miss it some days, but now I have no idea how I would have the time to do it!

  9. That is so cool that you did roller derby!!! And I love our love note to Peeta!

  10. Love your Mad lib! And your letter to Peeta is great, he and Gale are the only two I was able to recognize in all the letters I read.


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