Wednesday, June 4, 2014
What is Epic Recs, you ask? Well, it's this amaze balls book pushing club started by Judith from Paper Riot and Amber from Books of Amber! Basically we all know how much of a book pusher I am, so when I found out there was a book club where you pair up with a friend or get paired up with someone by Judith & Amber and then "push" a book on them, I knew I was game!

My super sweet bestie, Sarah, and I are teaming up again for Epic Recs this June. Last month, Sarah had to read Pivot Point by Kasie West (which she loved!!!) & I had to read The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen (check out my review!) This month, we have pushed these books onto one another! 

My pick for Sarah this month is Crash by Lisa McMann , and Sarah's pick for me is Heist Society by Ally Carter

If you haven't read McMann's visions trilogy, I HIGHLY recommend it! Actually, the last book just came out yesterday! They are quick reads, but full of awesome characters and page-turning action. 

I'm really looking forward to reading Heist Society! I actually just won a copy, too so even better! PLUS, Ally Carter is an Oklahoman! Like Sarah said, it's a sign. :)

Be sure to check out EPIC RECS and join up!! I'm already loving it, and know I'll be participating in the future! Also, be on the look out for my review of Heist Society later this month/early July! 
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  1. Woohoooo for book pushing!!

  2. I read Lisa McMann's Wake trilogy, err, actually I think it's called the Dream Catcher series... IDK, the first book in the series is Wake! lol. Anyway, I liked the series well enough, but the writing sort of drove me insane at the beginning. I might check out this other series of hers though... it sounds interesting.

    1. I always called it the Wake trilogy LOL I read them too, but it was forever ago. I think I liked them. Well, I must have at least, because I read all of them, but like I said, it was forever ago, and I hardly remember! I really LOVED Crash though, and the second one is even better! They are fast reads, but full of humor and action. I can't wait to read Gasp! I just got it today actually. I really think they are underrated though.


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