Bookish Banter (16) - Cover Ch-ch-changes

Monday, May 12, 2014
Welcome, welcome to Bookish Banter! This is a weekly blog post where I talk about bookish topics with Elizabeth of Redhead Reader and Ellen of Pottermorebooks!

This week's discussion is...

Cover Changes
How do you feel when a publisher changes the covers of books in a series after the first book?

My answer...

I feel like Mondays have been more like Rant-days for Becca lately, because the past few topics for Bookish Banter have been quite rant-y, including this one.


Actually, no. I don't hate it. I seriously loathe when publishers change covers after the first book. It is the bane of my existence. 

Why, oh, why Publishers? Why do you put this kind of stress on me?

I just want all of my pretty babies to match perfectly on my shelves. I usually pre-order every single book that I buy, so when the paperback comes out about a year later, and the cover is completely different? UGH. It just goes all over me. 

It used to not bother me until I amassed a shit ton of books, and now I look at my shelves and grit my teeth. One of the cover changes that just irks me like crazy is that of the Shatter Me series. Of course, I bought the original copy of Shatter Me, and although, I really do not like it at all (I LOVE THE NEW ONES), it drives me nuts to see it sitting next to my copies of Unravel Me and Ignite Me, because they look nothing alike whatsoever, and it is so hard for me to go and spend the extra money that I have to spend on books to go buy a book that I already have just so it will match my other copies. I cannot bring myself to do it, because that money? Yeah, I would totes rather spend it on a book that I haven't already read yet. I want to spread the book buying love to all the authors, and besides at this point, I would have a ton of re-buying to do just so all of my series covers would matchy match. 

I truly understand why publishers do this. Sometimes, they recreate the covers, and they are so much better than the originals, but then other times? Yeah, not so much. That makes me mad too. 

Basically, cover changes make me go all she-hulk. 

What about YOU?
How do you feel about cover changes?
Love em or Hate em?

As always, thanks for visiting Pivot Book Reviews! 

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  1. I agree, midseries cover changes are annoying!! Sometimes it is for the best, like the Shatter Me Series (that I've recently bought all in paperbacks so they all are pretty and matching!) and other times... the original cover was so much better!! I'm annoyed at the Antigoddess series... I have the original cover that I think was pretty cool, and although I like the new covers... now they won't match!!

    1. Ah yes. I need to get a new copy of Shatter Me so it matches me others.

      Agree so much on the Antigoddess series! When I saw the cover for book two, I was like, "whaaaat are they thinking?!" Boo. I hate nonmatching books. SO annoying.

  2. I think cover changes make every blogger and reader out there go bonkers. I mean, who wants a shelf that is all topsy turvey because the series don't go together? Publishers HAVE to know that it drives everyone up a wall, too. They simply must. Maybe they do it on purpose. It's a conspiracy! ;)

    1. If they don't know that they are driving us all bonkers, then they are so clueless!!!! IT DRIVES ME NUTS!! Def a conspiracy!

  3. It drives me crazy too, even when I actually like the new cover designs better than the old. Even though spending the extra money is a pain (esp when you could spend that money on a whole new book!), I often wish that they would re-release the first book in hardcover with the new design. At least then they'd match!

    1. Ugh, yeah. That's another reason why I don't go and rebuy, because most of my books are hardcover and I want them all to be hardcover if I can. That's very frustrating!!!!!! I completely forgot about that part lol Thanks Sara!

  4. I luckily do not purchase physical books, so it is not as tormenting with ebooks - but it would definitely drive me nuts if they were sitting on my bookshelf!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. Very true. I just look at my shelves sometimes, and have to take deep breaths to contain my rage. Haha not really, but it is pretty nerve racking. I couldn't imagine what I would do if I had OCD or something. That would be pretty bad!


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