Bookish Banter (12) - Let's talk about movie adaptations, baby!

Monday, April 14, 2014
Welcome, welcome to Bookish Banter! This is a weekly blog post where I talk about bookish topics with Elizabeth of Redhead Reader and Ellen of Pottermorebooks!

This week's discussion is...

Do you see them in theatres, watch them when they come out on DVD, or avoid them altogether?

My answer...

Honestly, I think it somewhat depends on what movie adaptation we are talking about. Most of the time, I really like to read a book before I watch the movie adapt, just because I'm finnick-y (see what I did there? FINNICK-y) like that! So when it came to Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Vampire Academy, Divergent, I was right there at the theatre during the first week to see the movie! I mean, who am I kidding? I LOVED all of these books to death. I ship the characters and everything, so it was a must to go to the theatre to see them, if not once, then multiple times. AND BUY ALL THE DVDS!!!!! 

Some others, like Percy Jackson, Beautiful Creatures, and The Book Thief.... well when they came out, I hadn't read the books. I DID watch Percy before reading the books (Note: I finally read the first Percy book this January. *LOVED* But I didn't enjoy either of the movies and their vastly different plots esp. after reading the books), and I watched B/C before I read it too (BUT the movie made me want to read it, and I loved it despite how different the movie was. I actually love both! Maybe it would've been different had I read the book first), but I have not read The Book Thief yet so I haven't watched the DVD- even though, I own both the book and movie. I'm weird like that. I will get to it, I swear. I just really want to read the book before watching it, because everybody just raves about both! Anyways, like I said before, it really depends on how much I loved the book, if I've read it before it hits theatres, etc. etc.

So, that being said, what are some movie adaptations I am dying to see?

1. THE FAULT IN OUR STARS!!!! However, I still haven't made the decision on whether or not I'll brave the theatres for this one. I mean, even the trailer makes me a blubbering mess, so I'm not sure fellow theatre peeps would appreciate my sobbing. 

2. THE 5TH WAVE! So this one is a must see go to the theatre movie adapt for me! I just love love love The 5th Wave, and I'm freaking out about it being a movie!!!! AH! Not so sure how I feel about Chloe Moretz being the MC, though. 

3. DIVERGENT! Okay, so I've already been there, saw that, but can I PLEASE go again!?!?! This movie is perf.

4. All the Mockingjays! YES PLEASE!

5. ELEANOR & PARK! Pretty excited about this one as well. I love Rainbow Rowell. Although I really, really wish they would announce a Fangirl movie ASAP, because I will die the day they announce something like that.

6. IF I STAY! Not so sure if I'll go to the theatre for this one. I mean the book was okay, but I'm not really sure I want to watch that depressing of a movie. I kind of feel 'meh' about both the book and movie. I know, I know. I'm a total black sheep on this one.

Okay, those are all the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Know any that I'm forgetting?

What about YOU?
Do you watch Movie Adaptations? When/How?
Let me know in the comments!

As always, thanks for visiting Pivot Book Reviews! I wuv you! 

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  1. Some movie adaptations I MUST go to the cinema to watch, like Harry Potter, Hunger Games and even the Twilight ones. But others that I'm more unsure of, I usually wait for DVD (or as has been the case for as of late, watching them on the plane in one of my flights) like City of Bones or both Percy Jackson movies (that unfortunately have been both awful). I still haven't watched or read Beautiful Creatures of The Book Thief and I still need to go see Divergent!

    1. Oh yes, I definitely went to the movies for all of those. I'll admit most of those were midnight screenings too! Unfortunately I'm too old to do stuff like that these days. I like my sleep now haha! I usually wait for others to come out on DVD too! I did however see City of Bones in theatre, but it wasn't a priority to see it the second it came out. Don't even get me started on how horrible the PJ movies are. -_- OMG PILI!!! YOU NEED TO READ/SEE BEAUTIFUL CREATURES!! AND SEE DIVERGENT! YOU BETTER HAVE SEEN DIVERGENT BY NOW!!! I still need to read and watch TBT, but I refuse to watch it until I read it...who knows when that'll happen though!


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