Bookish Banter (8/9) - Ebook or Bound/Favorite Reading Spot

Monday, March 24, 2014
Welcome, welcome to Bookish Banter! This is a weekly blog post where I talk about bookish topics with Elizabeth of Redhead Reader and Ellen of Pottermorebooks!

This weeks discussion is...

Which do you prefer? Ebook or Bound book? 


Favorite reading positions/locations?

My answer:

Okay so since I suck and missed last week's Bookish Banter, I am covering both topics this week to make up for it!

I seriously loathe Ebooks. I just- I just can't do it, guys.

It's blasphemy.

I adore physical bound books. The distinct smell of books, the feel of flipping an actual page, the sound of a new book creaking open. Ahh, there is absolutely nothing like it. 

I won't lie. I tried the whole Ebook thing. I really did. I bought myself a kindle this past Christmas, just because I wanted to read the extra stories that don't come in the actual books, and I disliked it so much that I had to send it back for a refund. I don't like reading from a tablet. I already read so much on my phone/computer that my eyes are horrible. I can't subject myself to actually reading an entire book on a screen too. It's too much for me. I will never convert to an Ebook, unless they just stop publishing physical books altogether. That is the absolute ONLY way I'll ever read Ebooks. I'm for real. 

Now on to the second topic, the one I'm actually supposed to be discussing today. I have to force myself to write about this before my Ebook rant gets out of hand, because trust me, I could go on and on about why I don't like them. I won't subject you to it anymore than I already have. 

I honestly really only have one place that I read, and that's in my bed. I'm not really sure why. I also read a lot while I'm out working, because there's a lot of driving time in between jobs. NO! I do not read and drive at the same time! Haha, I don't have a death wish. I'm usually the passenger, but really I can read any and everywhere. Those are just my two most frequent reading locations.

Which do you prefer, Ebook or Bound Book?
What are some of your favorite reading spots/locations?
Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. I am an eBook convert for sure. I started reading on apps on my phone and now I read mostly on my Kindle app on my tablet, and I'm planning to get myself a Kindle paperwhite. I still adore physical books and they are an absolute joy to read (I always alternate after a bunch of eBooks, I must read a physical book) but I don't have the space in my flat for all the books I own in my Kindle in physical form. Also, the eBook is great for avoiding arm strain with huge books, like the GoT ones! And, I can pack all my pending books on my trips to India to visit the bf while carrying just my tablet, which is very damned convenient!

    As for favourite place to read... my sofa and my bed. My sofa is right next to the window in the living room so I have the perfect light to read and my bed cause I have a special pillow to hold my books/ tablet while I read! =D

    1. Oh gosh, yes the arm strain is horrible!!! I have it all the time!! I need to work on my muscles or something! HAHA! I understand about the space. My house is overflowing with books. I'll probably be sleeping on a bed of books before I know it! It's ridiculous, but I. just. can't. stop. That does sound like a very nice convenience though in that instance. I always have to have an extra bag for my books. Luckily though, I don't fly much, just road trips so I have the room for the extra bag! ;)

      I have a special pillow too!! Haha I don't know why, but my bed is just the most comfiest spot for me to read in. If I'm reading at home, that's the spot you'll find me in!

    2. Yeah, a bag for books sounds great for roadtrips but for lunging around international airports and having to pay excess baggage fees is not cool! ;)

  2. While I can read from E books, they will NEVER replace bound books, there's just something great about holding a book in your hands and reading the words from actual paper that just cannot be substituted with a screen.
    As for favourite reading spot, probably my bed :)

    1. EBOOKS WILL NEVER REPLACE THE SPOT I HAVE IN MY HEART FOR BOUND BOOKS! NEVER, I tell you! I'll have to be brainwashed or seriously forced into reading Ebooks before I give up my bound books!! Haha I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes to read in bed! :)

  3. I love my ereader. I can't read on tablets, because it is too much eyestrain, but reading on my kindle paperwhite is great. It is super helpful for huge books (like the Game of Thrones books), because the kindle is light and I can read the books in any position. :)

    1. Hmm, yeah that does sound like a nice convenience! But I just can't do it! I'll deal with the arm strain HAHA. I might regret that when I get older though!


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