Bookish Banter (7) - Abandoning Books

Monday, March 10, 2014

Welcome, welcome to the fourth edition of Bookish Banter! This is a weekly blog post where I talk about bookish topics with Elizabeth of Redhead Reader and Ellen of Pottermorebooks!

This weeks discussion is...

At what point do you abandon a book?

My answer:

Uh, what? 
People abandoned books?
This is a thing?


Okay. I'll admit I have like less than a handful of books that I haven't finished, but honestly, I'm usually very vigilant about finishing books, because most of the books I have, I buy with my own hard-earned money. I just can't justify not finishing a book that I spent money on. I will force myself to read every single word, no matter how much I hate it, because I know if I don't I will let the guilt of not reading it completely stress me out. Does anyone else have this problem, or *gasp* am I the only one?

What about you?
At what point do you abandon a book?
Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. Hmmm, well I have been known of abandoning or DNFing some books on occasion. I find it very hard to not finish a book but sometimes I just cannot... if I take a break from a book because I don't care about it or cause it's irritating me and the thought of going back to it not only feels like a chore but I dread going back to it... I'm gonna give up on it. I love reading and I love books but if a book makes me feel like that... I'm giving up on it!
    In the end it's a case of too many books too little time to spend it suffering through a book I don't like at all!

  2. It's pretty rare that I abandon books, they have to be dreadful for me not to finish

  3. WHAAAT!! ABANDON BOOKS!! Your not alone, if I've bought them then I'll never condemn them to such cruelty, I just couldn't.

  4. Reading isn't my job so I don't feel like I have to finish books I don't like. I don't like to torture myself. I'd rather read a book I will like, and if I don't like that one, I'll DNF it too. I do hate wasting money, but I'd rather waste just the money than the money AND the time.

    Sometimes I do go back and try again later, but most of the time if I DNF a book, I'm done with it.

  5. I'm the type of person who doesn't like to give up on books, so I also really try to finish them. However, that is not always the case... Sometimes I just don't get what is going on in the story and it gets me frustrated and I just stop. This mostly pertains to review books, so I don't actually pay for them. Like right now I'm reading a book called Insanity and I haven't picked it back up in a while... I am this close to giving up on it!

  6. I have learned to put down a book if I'm just really not enjoying it. There's no need to put yourself through something similar to torture. That doesn't mean the book isn't for someone else--I will typically use that DNF book as a giveaway! :)

  7. I don't abandon books either. I might skim if I really hate the book but I never abandon it.

  8. I always finish the books I start reading. Even if it's bad I will just keep on going and roll my eyes at the main character the entire time. Maybe I'll stop reading a book if I have to return it to the library but I usually pick it up the next time I can get it.
    My thing is finishing series. I like finishing things but some books were just SO BAD that I can't stand the idea of spending time reading the next books in the series.
    And example of this is Matched. It just wasn't worth it.

  9. I finish most books nowadays. I typically don't call books DNF, I just put them on the back burner forever. :)


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