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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

 If you're anything like me, you like crafts. But to me, there's something that's even better than just's BOOKISH CRAFTS. I spend quite a bit of what limited free time I have making bookish crafts, whether it's some of my tote bags or even my swag frames, but today I have something new I want to show you. 

Do you have bookish stickers? Yeah, I know this kind of falls into play with my swag frames, but when I pre-ordered Isla, I got these super cute stickers and I just didn't want to put them in  my frames, but I didn't want to stick them on anything either, because I WANT TO KEEP THEM FOREVER! Okay? Ha, so they just sat on my desk for weeks and weeks and weeks until last night, when I made them into something that I can 1) Keep forever and 2) Show off. 

Bookish friends, I give you.....


WHAT YOU WILL NEED (pictured above):

  • A pair of handy dandy scissors.
  • A roll of magnetic magnet stuff. (You can get this at Wal-mart. Usually in the office supplies)

  1. Measure your sticker up against magnet stripping, and cut to fit sticker. There may be a little overhang in the end. (No worries, you can cut it off later!)
  2. Once you have enough magnetic stripping cut, peel your sticker off it's sticky thingy ma-jig (the paper, idk the official wording haha) and line up your magnetic strips on the backing, and stick! (see pictures below!)
  3. Cut to fit. Like I said before you may have a little over hang (because I'm horrible at measuring I had lots, and I wasted a lot of magnetic strips. I initially planned on doing more sticker magnets, but alas, I ran out of magnetic stuff)
  4. Viola! You now have a bookish sticker magnet! Now go put it on your fridge!
(Adding my magnetic stripping to the back of my sticker!)

My new bookish sticker magnets on my mini fridge! (Fun fact: I also use my fridge as a marker board for bookish quotes. That's what all that writing is behind!)

And there you have it my friends! Hopefully that was easy to understand! If you have any questions, feel free to holla at me below or on twitter! What bookish craft should I make next? 

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  1. Oh my goodness you are a genius!
    I shall go forth and create magnets from all sticker things I have.
    Where do you get these ideas? I need these ideas!
    Olgia @ Orange Owls and Books

  2. Oooooh, another fantastic idea, Becca! Thanks for a very handy and easy tutorial!
    Will have to see where to find magnetic strip over here...

  3. LOVE this idea, they look amazing!!

  4. That's so easy yet so cool! I should try this sometime

  5. Love this feature! I used to love making crafts so much and the idea of bookish crafts makes me wanna go back to it. I'll have to try making a bookish sticker magnet sometime! :D


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