10 Awkward Scenarios Every Bookworm Has Encountered

Thursday, September 25, 2014

There are infinite amount of awkward scenarios that I, as a bookworm, have experienced, but I've narrowed it down to these ten, because they happen the most often. 

1. That moment when you're sitting there, minding your own business and fully engrossed in the latest novel of your choosing, and someone interrupts you by talking to you, over meaningless things....

Do I reply?
Do I ignore and try to keep reading?
Why are they still talking?
Oh good, they seem to have shut up...
*waits a few seconds*
Aaaand they're talking again.. son of a *****!

2. That moment when your best friend is talking about how they're embarrassed about how many books they have on their TBR list which turns out to be only like 8, and you slowly shut the door on your TBR room....

3. That moment when you're reading an emotionally charged book in public, trying your hardest not to bawl in front of complete strangers...

What? No! I'm totes not crying..

4. That moment when you go see the newest book to movie adaptation, and can't decide if you should feign ignorance or complain loudly that THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN IN THE BOOK!!!

5. That moment at Thanksgiving dinner, when your family starts asking if you are dating anyone yet, and you shamelessly say your latest book boyfriend, as if he is real.

"So, Becca, are you seeing anyone yet?"
"Oh, yes, Grandma. His name is Tobias Eaton, but he's busy fighting the war, so I couldn't invite him to dinner."
"Oh, Becca, that's wonderful. He sounds just wonderful!"
"But I don't know...I've kinda started having feelings for another guy in his absence. His name is Chaol. He's a guard!"
"Oh dear, Becca..."

*Thinks to herself* And then there's Logan, and Theron, and Adrian, and Etienne, and Josh, and Levi, and....*

6. That moment when the mailman comes to your door everyday for a week with packages, and he asks you what the heck he's been delivering to you all week and when you tell him it's books, he asks, "Don't you have enough yet?!"


7. That moment when your friends ask you to go out on Friday night, and you fake sick because you have to know what happens in this book!!!!!! 

(who am I kidding? This happens every night!)

8. That moment when you put yourself on a boy ban, but have trouble explaining to everyone why, because the real reason is that you've finally come to the realization that no real life boy will ever compare to those in your books.

The struggle is real, friends.

9. That moment when you finish a book with a huge cliffhanger, rush to the bookstore to get the next book, and when the salesperson tells you, "oh we don't have any in stock"... 

Just know, I'm trying really hard to contain my fiery rage right now... 

10. That moment when someone asks you what the book you're reading is about, and you struggle with telling them, because it's just easier to look it up on the dang internet, yo!

Have you had any awkward bookish encounters?
Have any of the ones I listed happened to you?
Let's discuss!

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  1. Haha, this is awesome! Yeah, my Friday nights and all of Saturdays are always booked up with book time. :) Don't matter what my friends want to do; book time is never interrupted for anyone or anything. ;) #10 I can TOTALLY relate to! I was reading THE MAZE RUNNER the other day and someone asked me what it was about, and I was like, "Oh my gosh, please just do us both a favor and look it up on the internet!" :)

  2. Lol too funny becca !!! And it's true with book boyfriends like those (nods head in agreement on tobias) it's hard for real dudes to compete for your affections! I sympathise with your struggle.

  3. #10! I can't explain why but I really HATE it when someone comes up to me while I'm reading to ask what it is/what it's about bla bla bla. Leave me alone!

  4. #5 though! Oh yes, I love everything about this post. EVERYTHING!

  5. #2 happens to me all the time! A friend will complain about not being able to choose what to read next out of their, like, 12 books. It's all I can do to not laugh at them and exclaim, "YOU HAVE NO IDEA!"

  6. Book boyfriends? There's only Jamie the Highlander for me!! ;)

    I HATE when people decide to talk to me while I'm reading and I do hate it with a passion!! UGH! I'm reading!

    And I have suspended plans to stay home and read too, but I'm pretty sure it's more common than not for us bookworms!

    Not crying while reading books in public is such a damned struggle! Whenever I read something at work during night shift, I try to read books that are not Heir of Fire-like, so I don't end up bawling like a baby!

  7. Perfect! I HATE when people talk to me while I am reading, I've seriously considered taping a sign to myself that says "I'm busy, come back later"

    Emily @ Follow the Yellow Book Road

  8. Lol. Love the list. #1, 2, & 4 especially

  9. OMG NUMBER FOUR!! I just can't NOT say something! hahaha

  10. Love the list. Especially #1,2, and 10. Never did #5, didn't think I could pull it off, and now I'm married. And my TBR list is soooo long it's not funny. Yes, I have a few concrete books on it, and there are a few on the kindle, and yet there are more in a notebook waiting to be checked out or bought later. So, if someone only has 8 on their TBR list I want to laugh a little in their face, but don't because frankly I am glad they are reading at all.

  11. Love these! I always end up making a book sound awful if I try to explain it, ha ha :)

  12. This post.

    Seriously, #10 though - I mean, I'm terrible at describing books to people so I'm like just spare us both the grief and look it up, dude (being a book blogger, the irony hasn't escaped me).

    Also that moment when you see something really awesome in the book and you have this urge to share it with someone but you are surrounded by non-bookish people who go 'Ah okay'. I mean I just shared one of the most profound/cutest things in this book and you go like 'okay'? How could you?!!

    Being a bookworm-THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. *sign*

  13. Oh gosh, that first one is so accurate. It seems that people don't really think that you're doing anything when you're reading, so they might as well strike up a conversation with you. So annoying!

    Also, I agree with preferring a book over a night out. Every single time.

  14. #7: I'm terrible about this. People genuinely thought I just hated to be around people. Which, to a certain extent, is true.

    #10: Oh, explaining books is hard. I normally just say "it's a fantasy book" and try to leave it at that. Sometimes "It has _____ creatures in it"

    #3: I listen to audiobooks on my way into work, and I have almost a mile walk from the parking lot to my desk, so I make some pretty decent progress just on that part. And I definitely almost started crying during that walk once. It was so hard to start booting up my computer with all my coworkers around without balling my eyes out.

    Awesome list! :D


  15. Ten so true haha. The first one also tends to happen to me. Whether I choose to ignore the person or be very curt depends on who is it concerned.


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