Tote(ally) Tuesday (9)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tote(ally) Tuesday is a semi-regular post on Pivot Book Reviews, where I showcase the most recent totes I've painted for custom orders on my Etsy!

Just a few totes to show you this week. Remember, all totes are available regardless if they are listed in my Etsy shop. You can request a custom order and just tell me that you want an Heir of Fire tote for example, and I'll set up a listing for you. OR if you have something in mind that I have yet to do, I'm up for painting commissions too. That's usually how I end up painting the majority of my totes anyways! :)

2 Liars, Inc. Custom Totes
(The front on both is the same, but the quotes are different!)

 Falling Kingdoms Tote *FRONT* PURCHASE HERE


Custom Ignite Me Tote 

And I know this one isn't really a tote, but it's something I painted recently and spent a ton of my time on for my dad's birthday last weekend. It's a jean jacket with Rat Fink on it. He had one just like it when he was younger but it was accidentally ruined, so I decided to remake it myself and surprise him! (He loved it, btw!)

Also, be sure to stop by the Etsy shop. I went ahead and listed all of my totes on my shop page to make it a little easier for everyone to see what I've done and if they see something they want without having to custom order it. We shall see how this works out. 

Let's Discuss!
Which tote is your fave this week?
Have an idea for a tote I should do next?
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  1. Love them! I haven't read any of the books that they're linked to (although I have read the first two Shatter Me books) but they're still amazing :D I think the Liars, Inc. one is the coolest with what's written on it :)

  2. OOoh nice!! Noting what I like from shop and adding to my etsy bookish list! Once I find myself a new job I definitely want to get one! LOVE the Snow Like Ashes and A Thousand Pieces of You totes!! Have plenty of fave quotes from the first, but have to find some for the second...:D

  3. You are one hell of a talented lady, and I cannot wait till I can have money to spare to buy more totes!

  4. I haven't read Falling Kingdoms, but I kind of want the tote now because it's GORGEOUS. And I love the quote too! Wonderful job as always, Becca!


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