DISCUSSION: I'm Challenging Myself This Year

Monday, January 12, 2015

I have never done a Reading Challenge.

Phew. It feels good to finally get that off my chest.

Okay, so I suppose that is kind of a lie, because I did the Goodreads Challenge last year, and challenged myself to read 150 books, and that didn't turn out so well. I think I made it to 118, but I blame that on my horrible surgery and recovery in December. I reset my Goodreads Challenge to 150 again this year, and I'm desperately hoping that I make it, because I felt awful not making it last year! 

What I meant when I said I'd never done a Reading Challenge is that I've never done one that wanted me to read specific things, so this year, I'm wanting to rectify that with this super fun one I found on PopSugar. Mostly because I want to expand on what I read, and discover new things!

I know this is super small, so I'll go ahead and post each individual check point below.

  • A book with more than 500 pages
  • A classic romance
  • A book that became a movie
  • A book published this year
  • A book with a number in the title
  • A book written by someone under 30
  • A book with nonhuman characters
  • A funny book
  • A book by a female author
  • A mystery or thriller
  • A book with a one-word title
  • A book of short stories
  • A book set in a different country
  • A nonfiction book
  • A popular author's first book
  • A book from an author you love that you haven't read yet
  • A book a friend recommended
  • A Pulitzer Prize-winning book
  • A book based on a true story
  • A book at the bottom of your to-read list
  • A book your mom loves
  • A book that scares you
  • A book more than 100 years old
  • A book based entirely on its cover
  • A book you were supposed to read in school, but didn't
  • A memoir
  • A book you can finish in a day
  • A book with antonyms in the title
  • A book set somewhere you've always wanted to visit
  • A book that came out the year you were born
  • A book with bad reviews
  • A trilogy
  • A book from your childhood
  • A book with a love triangle
  • A book set in the future
  • A book set in high school
  • A book with a color in the title
  • A book that made you cry
  • A book with magic
  • A graphic novel
  • A book by an author you've never read before
  • A book you own but have never read 
  • A book that takes place in your hometown
  • A book that was originally written in a different language
  • A book set during Christmas
  • A book written by an author with your same initials
  • A play
  • A banned book
  • A book based on or turned into a TV Show
  • A book you started but never finished

I'm also hoping that my TBR shelves will assist me in this challenge, because I really need to start knocking some of those books off. I have way too many that are unread! Story of my life. But I'm not putting too much pressure on myself. I'll be happy if I even do 1/2 of it. The point is I wanted to try something new this year, and this is one of those new things! 

I will update this list as I read throughout the year so you can see my progress! :)

Let's discuss!
Do you do any reading challenges?
Are you doing this one?

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  1. That one sounds like such a fun challenge! I've already signed up for way too many challenges this year, I think I'm again on 5 challenges, NOT counting the GR one!

  2. Reading challenge are fun! Mine were kind of a fail last year but I keep doing them. This one sounds pretty cool so maybe I'll check it out next year :)

  3. I'm doing this challenge, too! It's my first "read specific things" challenge as well.

  4. I think this is a great challenge. I am personally not participating because I have a lot of other challenges, but I think it is a cool challenge to get people interested in reading.

  5. I didn't reach my Goodreads goal either... I challenged myself to 150 too but only got to 108 I think. *shrugs*. I saw this on 9gag and really wanted to do it! Good luck to you on your challenge. :)

    Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms.

  6. Fun! I'm not doing this challenge, but I have entered a couple (and by a couple I mean A LOT! Lol.) Reading challenges are a lot of fun! I've been doing them for a while now :)

    Good luck and happy reading! :)

  7. I am a fairly new blogger and am doing a Hail to the King challenge as well as my goodreads challenge. Check out my blog if interested http://bookertsfarm.blogspot.com/. Good luck on your goals!

  8. This sounds like a fun challenge! I'm trying to narrow down my TBR pile, too, so a few of the challenges I'm doing are geared toward that.
    Best of luck to you, girl!

  9. Oh this is a great challenge. Good luck to us both!! xoxox
    <3 Britt


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