Ten Reasons to Date a Boy Who Reads

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

So I haven't done a post like this in awhile, but I absolutely love making lists. I actually got the idea of this just recently, because of happenings in my life (i.e. Book Boy), but if you don't follow my twitter, you're probably not caught up on all the things. Anyways, I went on a 'date' with a boy who likes to read, which was first for me, and it was epic. I thought it would be fun to list all the reasons to date a boy who reads.

1. Date a boy who reads, because if you admit that you bawled your eyes out over a fictional character who died, he won't make fun of you. He might giggle a little when you first tell him, but he understands why you cried, because fictional characters are amazing and even if he doesn't admit it out loud, he totally felt like crying too when it happened.

2. Date a boy who reads, because he will buddy read books with you.

3. Date a boy who reads, because he will then challenge you to see who can read a certain trilogy first. (*scoffs* we all know who will win this challenge, right?)

4. Date a boy who reads, because you can be totally honest with him about how many books you buy and how many of those books you've bought that you have yet to read, and he will completely understand, because he has that problem too.

5. Date a boy who reads, because he will totally fangirl over the same characters that you did. (i.e. Sturmhond, because he is bae)

6. Date a boy who reads, because he will want to talk about the books you read together for hhhhhoooouuuuuurrrrrsssss, which is amazing if I do say so myself.

7. Date a boy who reads, because he is sensitive, maybe a little shy, and wants to take things slow. He savors the slow-burn in books, so why not in real life too?

8. Date a boy who reads, because if you say you are reading, he won't text you a billion times if you don't text him back right away, because hello! You're reading, and he respects reading time.

9. Date a boy who reads, because he will love that you're just as obsessed with Heir of Fire, and curse the Book Gods with you that the next book isn't freaking out already! (QUEEN OF SHADOWS FTW!)

10. Date a boy who reads, because he will take you to the bookstore, and let you wander aimlessly for as long as you want (and if you're lucky, maybe even buy you some of those books you've been drooling over!)

Now, I know it's still early on to tell how things are going to turn out, but even if they don't turn out how I'm hoping they will, I have still learned something from this whole experience, and that is....DATE A BOY WHO READS. If you're still out in the dating world, swimming to find the perfect beau, I urge you to find a boy who reads, because it's a whole nother ball game. This was completely new to me, but once you date a book boy, you don't go back. I definitely think that's an apt saying for myself now. :)

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  1. *high fives*
    That's a great list girl! And I do hope Book Boy and you will be the OTP ship that sails into the sunset!!

  2. These are epic reasons to date a boy who reads! Sadly I've never met anyone like this so I'll have to keep looking... does Book Boy have friends? ;) Great list and hope it's all going well!

  3. Oh, sigh. I love this post, Becca :D I haven't dated any boy yet, but oh. I would love to date a boy who reads too. <3 But Norway. Small town. Not happening :( SOBS. I am so jealous of you. And crossing all my fingers this boy will be awesome for you. <3 Thank you for sharing this amazing list sweetie :)

  4. Cute! But easier said than done, girly. I mean, where do I find myself one of those?? The bookstore/library probably? Lol

  5. This is a great list :) I especially relate to the wandering of book stores.
    You forgot one thing though! Date a boy who reads because he will read books out loud for you and really understand their awesomeness ;)

    Cucie @ Cucie reads

  6. Hehe, I love this! It's all so true though. Dating a boy who reads would make things so much easier, plus what great discussions you can have with him!

    I really hope things go well with your Book Boy. :)

  7. To add to your last one, he won't rush you and let you spend many hours at the bookstore. I really love this list. Thanks!


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