Things My Parents Don't Understand About My Bookish Obsession - Crying Over Books

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Some days, I think my parents think I'm a complete weirdo when it comes to my book obsession. I mean, don't get me wrong, my mom somewhat understands it, because I constantly am shoving new books into her arms for her to read. I actually have a specific bookcase in my room for books I'm wanting her to read next. Seriously. 

But there are some points in my bookish life, that my parents just simply don't understand. Viola! A new feature has been born. I'm not sure how often I will post, right now probably whenever I feel like it, but each post will have a certain subject and what my parents do/say regarding said bookish subject. And because I know my dad reads my posts, (HI DAD! LOOK YOU'RE A FEATURE ON MY BLOG...UH, LOVE YOU! :D)

Today, I'm talking about when my parents catch my crying while reading!

Set the scene:

My dad knows I'm a voracious reader. He knows this. He also knows how crazy I am when it comes to Divergent. I was counting down the days until Allegiant released. Literally, I would tell him how many weeks were left until it came out. In fact, I even debated whether or not to pre-order from amazon or wait til the day of to buy it in store with him, and he also helped me call ALL THE BOOKSTORES to find out if any were having a midnight release partty. None were. Shame on you Oklahoma bookstores!

Anywho, the day came. Allegiant was in my hands. So, of course, I subjected my dad to taking pictures of me with said book, like this one...

WEEE! I'm unknowingly jumping in excitement for the book that is going to shatter my soul. Yippeee.

After that picture fest, I locked myself in my room for the day, told my parents NOT to disturb me, because I was finishing this baby today. 

CAUTION: Spoilers for Allegiant coming. LOOK AWAY. I warned you!!!

*closes book*

*tears are streaming down my face*

I'm seriously bawling like a freaking baby after closing the last page. WTF.

Thoughts are running crazy through my head, and I desperately NEED to discuss this damn book with someone (this was before I started blogging), but none of my friends had finished it yet, and I couldn't talk to my mom about it, because she was going to read it after me. My only salvation was my dad.

*walks downstairs, stealthily trying to hide sobbing from mother*

I take my dad outside, and tell him that I know he hasn't read this book, but I need someone to talk/rant/cry to about it, and I can't with mom, because she hasn't read it yet. He nods and gestures at me to continue, while he plays Frisbee with Dixie. 

And, I just break loose. His eyes were popping out of his head at my outburst. Like I said, I was bawling and so upset over a book. My dad doesn't quite understand this aspect, but God bless him, he let me talk/rant/cry to him until I was all cried out. Of course, he didn't really say anything until I shut up. He thought the ending of Allegiant was bullshit as well. 

He may not understand why I sometimes bawl at books, and he may not understand what exactly is going on when I try to explain the book and why it made me cry, but he's the best because regardless of those facts, he still sits there and listens like he cares. 


So, thank you, Daddy. You rock. Hopefully, this doesn't happen too often, but when/if it does, I know you're there for me, just like you always are. Love you.

(Of course, looking back, I agree with the Allegiant ending. I've come to terms with it, and I agree it was the right ending even if I'm not happy with it. Now I'm kicking myself, because I spoiled the movies for my Dad. Because movies are my Dad and I's thing. Oh well. He's old. Maybe he'll forget!) 


Have you had an experience like this?
What do you think of this new feature?
Let's discuss!
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  1. Awwww, what an adorable new feature!! My parents no longer bat an eyelash at me crying with/about books or laughing out loud while I read, bless them!
    It was awesome of your dad to let you rant/cry at him while he had no bloody clue what was going on! YAY for awesome parents!
    *waves hi at Becca's dad*

    1. Haha I'm surprised my dad still does, honestly. It's nothing new, but it still seems to amaze him! *he waves back btw* ;)

  2. My sister is my go-to for books that rip my heart out, and I can't talk to any of my friends because they haven't read it yet. She's had to put up with a lot of . . . varied book reactions from me. ;)

    1. haha, I would go to my sister, but she also reads and we don't really seem to talk much anymore unfortunately! But I'm glad you have someone to talk to too! :D

  3. Good ole Dad! I don't know if my dad would listen to me cry about a book, he would probably just pretend to listen and acted like he got it lol Now, you just need to teach him the "ship" term!!! ;)

    1. Haha I secretly think my dad does this too. LOL. Mostly because him and I are so alike, and I totally do this to him when he talks about weird things. Haha slowly working on the ship term right now. The other day I had to explain what a hashtag was. He didn't know there was a reason for putting a hashtag in front of something. He just thought Jimmy Fallon just did it because. *face palm*

  4. Becca, you have such cool parents! Even if they don't understand your bookish obsessions, they don't seem bothered by them. In fact, they seem very supportive! I'm looking forward to more stories. Keep 'em coming!

    P.s. I haven't read Allegiant, so I had to skip all the spoilery stuff. But what's your verdict? Is it worth the read? Loved? Hated? In between? I've been avoiding the series conclusion, because so many people hated it. Would love to get your thoughts on this!

    Marlene @ The Flyleaf Review

    1. My parents are the absolute best. I seriously would not trade them for anything....well, maybe... no, I wouldn't! LOL. They are very supportive. I just like to give them crap from time to time! Just like they do to me! ;)

      P.S. I say read it. Just to have the closure. I liked it until the ending. But I'm mostly accepting to it now, because I know it wouldn't have been right if she would've gone in a different direction with it. Curious to hear what you think about it, Marlene! And I'm here for you if you need a shoulder to cry on! ;)

  5. Aww your dad sounds so awesome! my parents just shake their heads bemused, walk off and mumble about how they have no idea how their daughter got to be so crazy, haha! and I knew the whole Allegiant thing, now I'm super scared to read the series 'cause I know it's going to mentally destroy me :(

    1. Haha oh, yeah, my parents do that too. Mostly my dad though. LOL. Oh no! That stinks. Idk. I still think it's a good trilogy to read, and that you should read them before seeing the movies, just bc the books are always better, and at least, you won't be blindsided by that ending like the rest of us were!

  6. I talk to my dad about books too! He doesn't understand what the heck I'm talking about but he listen to me. Love my dad too <3

    1. Haha sounds like our dad's are a lot alike, Ella! Aren't they great?! :D

  7. I don't cry over books, but sometimes I have teary eyes or I'm mad/sad/whatever emotion and my boyfriend always listens to me. He doesn't read and he has no idea what I talk about, but it's still a relief to talk about it with someone!

    1. I used to not...but I've been emotional about some books in the past year. Idk why that's all of a sudden changed for me, but you're right. It's so much better when you have someone to talk to about it, regardless of if they understand or not!


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