Thursday, July 17, 2014
No Cover Puppies post today, friends! I'm currently in the depths of novel writing (cough, two weeks late into NaNo, cough cough! But at least, I'm still doing it!) Anyways, no Cover Puppies today, BUT never fear, because I have something better to show you.

Better? How can something be better than you puppify-ing book covers, Becca?

Well, let me introduce you to PIVOT BOOK TOTES!

Yes, TOTES totes. 

Recently, I've gotten into painting again. More specifically, painting totes for some of my dearest blogging/bookish buddies.

First, I surprised my best friend, Sarah, with this one..

Little did I know, at the time, that she would surprise me right back with praise from none other than.....


Also here's the bestie with JLA! (AND MY BAG!!!)

Seriously. This was the best thing ever. EVERRRR.

The next bag I did was for Kristen for the Books 'n' Bloggers Swap!

And this week, I surprised my blogging buddy/idol Andye with this one..

So what is one thing that all three of these totes have in common with the other? They were all posted on social media and universally gushed about like crazy. I didn't really think they were that great, but the praise seems to say otherwise. I really want to open an etsy shop, but I'm not sure how all of that works or anything. If you know how to etsy, email me please (beccaf97200 at gmail dot com)! TEACH ME HOW TO ETSY! 

*NEWS* Since posting this I have somewhat discovered "how to Etsy". It's not the prettiest shop on Etsy but it gets the job done.

Check it out here:

Also, to spread the word, I'm going to have a little giveaway of one of my bags. I can surprise you with one I've been dying to do, or whatever you want. It's YOUR choice. 

Interested? Enter the Rafflecopter form below, and (I have to say it, it's required when I have a giveaway that I say this) MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR!!!!!

**Oh, and here's the rules/mumbo jumbo/stuff you may need to know before entering:**

Must be 13+ (or have parents permission to enter)
I am not responsible for packages lost in the mail.
There will be ONE winner chosen randomly by Rafflecopter. Winner will be emailed and have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.
I reserve the right to disqualify any entries I see unfit.
Please don't cheat. Cheaters never win. (Because I check ALL entries. You've been warned!!) 
Giveaway starts at midnight and ends AUGUST 22nd! 
HAVE FUN!!!! :)

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  1. Hey! I am friends with Sarah as well. She and I were actually paired up during the Books n Blogger Swap. She mentions you all of the time, so I know that you are awesome! All of this to say that I would LOVE to buy one of these totes from you. They really are amazing, and it's a good way to advertise one's blog if I ever get to finally go to a book event!

    Beneath the Jacket Reviews

    1. Aw. This comment made my week! Sarah is seriously the best. I talk about her all the time too! You should definitely check out my etsy shop, Tiffany! Also, LOVED that you sent the Legend trilogy to Sarah. That series is fantastic! Plus Game of Thrones! I think we are going to buddy read it soon!

    2. I'm glad that my comment was able to make you smile! :] I will definitely check out your Etsy shop! I was thrilled to send them to her! Y'all will have to let me know what you think if you buddy read it! :]

    3. We will!! I still have yet to get a copy so it'll probably be a bit! And yay! Thanks Tiffany! :)

  2. You are very talented, Miss Becca :) And congrats on the Etsy shop! The totes are super cute... I totally need one!

  3. You are TOTES amazing! Goodness this is never gonna grow old... So happy you've decided to open shop on Etsy, I'm sure your totes are gonna be a success!!

    1. HAHA. I KNOW! So many puns! Thanks girl! They have been thanks to my #1 customer! (YOU!) *SQUISHES AND HUGS*

  4. Those totes are amazing! This is such a great idea. :) I've never had any bookish tote bags (or barely any others at all), so I may have to buy one.

  5. I can't wait to rock one of these!!
    <3 Britt @kalebsmome

    1. I can't wait for you to get both of yours! They are TOTES adorbs! <3 Thank you again for ordering!

  6. Ohmygosh these totes are amazing!! Love, they're so pretty and finally - how did you PAINT this epicness? haha, I'd make such a mess if I tried one letter ;)

    1. Haha I just...painted? Haha it's taken a lot of practice to get where I'm at! I used to be a horrible painter...only loved to draw, but I've practiced painting a lot over the past few years and it's helped alot! Thank you so much!!! <3

  7. OMG THOSE BAGS!! <3

    Love them so much! So glad to hear of your amazing experience meeting these authors, wish I could be there too! All the best for NaNo :))

    Alicia @ Summer Next Top Story

  8. Your totes are definitely adorable. I started doing something similar, but I paint wine glasses. Anyways, just wanted to let you know these are adorable.

    1. Oooh, I'm definitely going to have to check that out! I've always wanted to try painting one of those, but just haven't gotten around to it yet!! Thank you Ashley! <3

  9. I received my, "Nitwit. Blubber. Oddment. Tweak.", tote today and I love it. :)

    1. YAY! I'm so so glad you love it!! I had a blast painting it! :)


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