Into The Dark Series Character Profile: Daphne Raines

Thursday, April 16, 2015
Hey Pivot Book Readers! I've got something pretty special and fun set up for today. I've teamed up with Bree Despain and a bunch of other bloggers to help spread the word about Bree's Into the Dark series. Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting teasers, special excerpts, giveaways, and all kinds of other cool things here on the blog, my twitter, and instagram! But for today, I have three separate posts of Character Profiles of the main characters in the series. Be sure to check out the NEW pretty cover of The Shadow Prince, which just released this past Tuesday, and put The Eternity Key on your wish list, because it releases in just a few weeks! 

Releasing in paperback 4/14/2015
Name: Daphne Raines (a.k.a. The Cypher)

Hair color: Golden blonde

Eye color: blue

Height: Just little over 6 feet

Build: Tall and curvy--often described as looking like an amazon.

Favorite food: BBQ bacon cheese burger with avocado and a single onion ring.
Releasing in hardcover 4/28/2015

Favorite drink: Rootbeer!

Special skills: singing, guitar, floral design, animal charming, can hear special tones and music put off by all living/organic things. Uses these tones and sounds to read people and situations. (May be able to do even more with this ability--like control the elements.)

Weaknesses: Abandonment issues from being raised without her father, has difficulty letting people in, overly focused on her goals, can't drive. 

Life goal: Become a world famous musician on her own merit--not because her father is a the Joe Vince "the God of Rock." 

Character inspirations: Taylor Swift meets Dean Winchester from Supernatural + Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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