Tuesday, August 19, 2014
What is Tote(ally) Tuesdays?

Well, fellow bookish friends, I'm glad you asked! I've been absent somewhat on here for the past few weeks, because I opened an Etsy shop! Yay! I've always been an artistic person, mostly with drawing, but over the past few years, I've dabbled in acrylic painting more and more. I started painting shoes for my nieces and nephew for holidays/birthdays, but then I got a wild hair to try and paint a tote! I surprised my best friend, Sarah, with one, and then my partner for a bookish swap, and then my blogging idol & friend, Andye! You can see pictures of all those totes here, and even enter an INT Giveaway to win a customized tote for yourself! Or go check out my very first Tote(ally) Tuesdays post!

However, I have been painting like crazy after opening my Etsy for orders, and everyone always goes crazy in love on twitter when I post a pic of my most recently painted totes. So I thought, maybe I should start posting them semi-regularly on the blog in one convenient place! Voila! Tote(ally) Tuesdays was born!

This is going to be a huge post of totes so prepare yourselves!! 


Anna & the French Kiss Tote #2 (Purchase HERE)

Custom Anna & the French Kiss tote!

Custom Isla & the Happily Ever After tote!

Custom Compulsion tote #1! (Win it here!)

 Custom Compulsion tote #2! (Win it here!)

 Custom Compulsion tote #3 (Win it here!)

Ignite Me tote! (Purchase HERE)

Custom Kitty and Books tote!

Simon & Baz (Fangirl) Tote! (Purchase HERE!)

Fangirl tote! (Purchase HERE!)

Fangirl tote! (Purchase HERE!)

Custom tote for Emily's brother of the cover of his poetry book!

Custom Throne of Glass tote!

Custom Book Quote Tote!

PHEW! And trust me, that's not even all of them! I swear I have painted over TEN Fangirl totes here recently! That's awesome, but crazy! I never ever thought my Etsy would take off like it has. I'm happy to say that I have raised 1/4 of my BEA2015 FUND already! Woo Hoo! 

I mostly do custom orders, so if you have something in mind, you can contact me here, or email me at BECCAF97200 AT GMAIL DOT COM! 

Let's discuss!
Which tote is your fave?
What quote would you absolutely LOVE to see on a tote?!
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  1. YAY! The Compulsion totes are awesome! And I really love the Throne of Glass tote too!
    So happy my Fangirl tote arrived today too!! =D It looks even more awesome in person!! =D
    You're so super talented, Becca!!

  2. Those Compulsion totes!! I haven't even read it yet, but I love those. I'm just looking for the quote I want so I can send you an order. Love them, Becca!

  3. I love, love, LOVE the Throne of Glass tote. And the Fangirl and Anna and the French Kiss ones. :)

  4. You know I love your bags so hard! You are so amazingly talented, Becca!

  5. Aah, I just have to buy one!! They are so beautiful, you should be super proud :D

  6. beautiful totes as always, especially your Fangirl ones, so gorgeous!!!

  7. These are so wonderful. Congrats on the sales; you deserve them! The kitty with books is adorable <3


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