DISCUSSION: To Pseudo Name or To Not Pseudo Name

Saturday, October 18, 2014

In light of recent events that revolve around a seriously psychotic author flat out stalking a fellow blogger, I thought there was something that needed to be discussed (Other than the fact that stalking a blogger because they didn't like your book is NEVER EVER OKAY).

I started this blog in January. When I did, I never even thought about whether or not I should use a fake name. Some may say that might have been a little naive and I somewhat agree, but I never thought that there was a reason to. I mean, who would've thought that someone would go to these lengths over a bad review. I certainly didn't.

I never considered using a fake name. In fact, I was unaware that people did this when I started this blog. I was a newbie, so of course, I didn't know and I didn't worry about it. Looking back, I almost wonder if I should have worried about it. 

It's honestly scary that an author went to these lengths. It's disturbing, disgusting, and I can't wrap my mind around it. The fact that a news source gave this author a platform to talk about her insanity with stalking infuriates me. By doing that, they are condoning her actions, and saying that "hey, stalking is okay". Well, it's not. It never has been, and I sure as hell hope it never will be okay.

Bloggers have the right to use a fake name, and I totally see why they do now. In my naivety, I didn't. Becca is my real name. I really do live in Oklahoma. I continually share details about my own life on my blog, and the fact that it would be so easily for some nutcase to find me kind of scares me. 

Authors behaving badly is nothing new to the blogging community. I've seen way more than I've wanted to in my first ten months of blogging. I had no idea that this even happened before I came so involved. I wish that it didn't. We are all here for the same reason-- our love of books, and we should never EVER EVER EVER (in the words of Taylor Swift) have to worry about our safety like a fellow blogger is having to do right now. She's not the only one who has had to, and every single time I post a negative review, I fear that I'll be next. Which of us will be on the chopping block next? 

It shouldn't be this way.

It's wrong, and I have no idea how someone could ever get it into their twisted mind that it isn't. The sad fact is that I saw authors actually joking about wanting to do this today. Stalking is not a joke. It's utterly frightening that this is something we all are having to think about today. 

My loving hugs are going out to who was affected in this frustrating, crazy act. All my thoughts have been about this today, and just know that the blogging community is rallying for you. We ALL have your back. 

Do you use a pseudo name online?
Should bloggers seriously consider doing this now?
Let's discuss!

For obvious reasons, I didn't name names in this because both names have been slandered all across the interwebz today. Likewise, I will not share the article either. I don't condone any of this, and will not support it by sharing the details. 

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  1. I agree with you 100%. I can't even believe that this was an issue. I swear, I've been stuck in some weird semi-shock all day long. I'm like you, I didn't even consider a pseudo name, and now I'm seriously rethinking eveeeerything. It's too bad that one author can do this and shake up the blogging world so much.

    Kristen @OCA

  2. Holy cow! This is the first that I've heard of this incident. I can't wrap my head around how an author could stalk someone over a negative review.

    I also use my real name on my blog, and now that I've read this, I wish I had thought to use a pseudo name.

    Emily @ Follow the Yellow Book Road

    1. If you get on Twitter, it's even worse. I didn't even disclose all the frightening details.

      It really makes me wanna change mine but I'm already established so prob not going to happen now.

  3. I don't use my real name, well I do my first name, but not my last name anywhere. A few blogger friends know it, but it's not a common one so it wouldn't be hard for someone to find me if they had it. I am in my early 30's so I've been around the block a bit so I knew when I was creating my blog that I wasn't going to use my last name in connection with it at all. I use Targaryen on twitter, Lannister on goodreads, I don't think amazon has my name at all, I think it says Dandelionn Wine Book Blog, or something similar, same with Barnes and Noble. And with the recent harassment I received because an author decided to post on her facebook account whining about my 1 star review of her book and the WEEKS of harassment I received from her fans, I am 100% glad my real name is not connected in anyway. They threatened me with a lawsuit, and how they were waging a campaign against me, and I just know if I used my real name it might have been worse.

    This whole situation is scary, and crazy, and the amount of authors who are supporting her is surprising. But I am so glad to see some of my favorites calling out her behavior, calling it what it is (stalking, and calling out authors who support her.


    Denise @ Dandelionn Wine Book Blog - @Dandelionns

  4. Oh my gosh, that is totally frightening. Like Emily, this is the first time I've heard of this incident (and now kinda wished I hadn't. I'm paranoid enough the way it is!). I can't believe an author would do such a thing! That is unbelievably wrong and my unwavering support goes out to the blogger who is having to deal with this.

    I have always been really careful about disclosing anything on my blog that would make it easier to track me down (unfortunately, even with this care, it wouldn't take a genius detective to make a pretty good guess). But this is definitely going to make me consider getting a P.O. box for any review copies authors want to send me.

    Wow. . . .

    1. Yeah, Mara. It is very frightening. The details are even scarier. I can't wrap my brain around why anyone would think this is acceptable or the fact that some authors are agreeing that she did the right thing! WHAT.

      I'm definitely looking into a PO too after this. It's just sad that we have to take these kinds of precautions these days. We shouldn't have to even think about taking them.

  5. This was truly scary. Like you, I'm also a beginner blogger, I started about four months ago. It never crossed my mind to use a psuedo name or that this would ever happen. Thanks for this great post!

  6. WOW, scary.... I've thought about using a fake name before, but I thought maybe it'd be too weird. Regardless, the internet has become such a scary place. It's a shame we can't be ourselves and share our life with people on the internet without being a tad frightened of who can read it and misuse the information.

  7. Mehhh, I am SO conflicted!! I'm a bit freaked out by what happened but at the same time authors like that are in the vast minority. I feel that some people overreacted. A lot. But I also feel that if you can't take criticism then blogging isn't for you. And even if you don't like a book, that doesn't mean you need to trash the book and the author and scary your friends away from reading the book. Who knows, maybe they'll end up liking it. When I write negative reviews I'm honest and blunt but not cruel. That's just not classy. As far as I'm concerned, they're both in the wrong and everyone is overreacting.

    Nope, I don't use a pseudonym. My name IS Rachel. Rachel also has an alarm system at her house and a bat so watch out crazy authors. That's all I'm saying ;)

  8. Wow, this is just not okay...I hadn't realized this had happened until I read your post. That is really scary. I use a nickname. It's not truly a fake name, but it isn't my real one either. I'm kind of paranoid when it comes to the internet, so I try not to let many details about me get out...I guess that is a good thing. Thanks for this post.

  9. Yep, I use a pen name for my blog. I learned the hard way to do this, from a blog I used to have years ago where I used my real name and also gave personal details about my family, (started getting packages in the mail etc). There's some crazy, messed up people out there, with waaay to much time on their hands :P

  10. That whole debacle absolutely scared me. I heard bloggers talking about it on twitter and how awful it was...but I only just read the article. :| Talk about terrifying. I'm kind of sick that the article was published and made stalking even okay. What?! Anyway...I'm like you! I never even THOUGHT to use a pseudo name. I definitely wonder if I should have... o.O

    Sorry! I know I'm a random commenter! I'm just reading through posts on the Oh The Books weekly round up. So, yes! Stopping by from there... :)

  11. OMG this is the first I have heard of this and find it unbelievable that anyone would have stalked someone because she wrote a bad review about their book. That this author talked to a newspaper and admitted everything is even more unbelievable. I read some of the article and couldn't believe someone could be so unstable and not locked up.

  12. Um yeah, I'm definitely wishing I'd used a pen name (or just stuck with Geo, since it's my nickname). I am KICKING myself for that now...

  13. I have been involved in many online communities and though I've used aliases and nicknames in many, when I started my blog, I decided to go just as myself and this whole situation as scary as it is, doesn't scare me as much as it enrages me!

    Might be cause I'm on the other side of the ocean and all that, but as I've said before if someone comes to be house uninvited they'd get the door closed to their faces if they're lucky and if not, they'd be hit with a cupcake pan in the face!

    And when it comes with who was in the wrong? I might have disagreed with the blogger opinion on the book and some of her comments, cause I didn't see things in the same that she did, in fact I liked the bloody damned book, it read like a great satire for me. BUT, the blogger was completely entitled to her opinion and her interpretation and after all the reading and digging I've done and by my own reading of the damned article, I don't think the blogger actually attacked the author or was unduly harsh with her remarks. On the other hand, obssesion of that kind and to those extremes? Those are wrong and worrisome and I DO NOT UNDERSTAND how people are condoning that!?!?


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