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Thursday, January 8, 2015
If you're anything like me, you like crafts. But to me, there's something that's even better than just's BOOKISH CRAFTS. I spend quite a bit of what limited free time I have making bookish crafts, whether it's some of my tote bags or even my swag frames or book hook marks, but today I have something new I want to show you how to make.....

(Yes, it actually works!)


  • STEP ONE: First, you need to pick a book! At the moment, I'm not sure how well this will work on a paperback book. I've seen it done, but I haven't done it myself so I'm not sure how well these directions will work on a paperback. Please note: This is a tutorial for a HARDCOVER book clock. Use caution if using a paperback, because further steps may be needed for it. I chose Heir of Fire, because it is one of my very favorite books, and I had an extra copy of it lying around, but you can choose whichever book you prefer, just make sure it has a ton of pages. It probably won't work very well if it has less than 200 pages, but again, I'm not sure on that, so if you want to do one with that many, use caution.
  • STEP TWO: Take your handy dandy tape measure, and measure out the exact center on the front of your book. Mark the center with your pencil! Don't worry about the dust jacket, you can put a mark on it, because you are going to drill through it in the next step anyway! Come to terms now with the fact that you are going to deface this book, because more defacement is coming shortly!
  • STEP THREE: Grab your cordless drill, and insert an 11/32" drill bit. Drill a hole through the cover by pressing the drill to the mark you just placed on the cover. Be careful not to press the drill to hard, because you don't want to go through too many of the pages, or heaven forbid, the entire book. I suggest trying this on a practice book before you do the actual book you want to turn into a clock. There might be a few rough edges to the hole on the dust cover, but don't worry, because you won't see it once you're finished!
  • STEP FOUR: Take apart your Clock Movement according to the directions. Place the black box on the first page of the book, and use your pencil to trace around the square so you have a rough idea of how much you need to cut out on your pages. I recommend making the square a tad bit bigger, because each page has to be a bit bigger than the previous one to fit around the box. You will see what I mean once you fit the box into them. 
  • STEP FIVE: Be sure to make certain that the bolt of the Clock Movement mechanism fits through the hole you just drilled! It will be a tight fit. In my case, I couldn't push the bolt through, I had to screw it. Try this before you make the hole any bigger!
  • STEP SIX: Deep breaths. More book defacement now. Grab your X-Acto knife, and start cutting through the pages. In my case, my knife was sharp enough to cut through about 25-30 pages at a time. Once your pieces are cut, gently pull them free, and then continue cutting until you have enough pages cut that the black box will fit cleanly inside the pages. Note: As I said above, the more pages you cut, the more you are going to have to cut them bigger. Not too much. Maybe 1/8" each time. In my case, I had to cut squares out of about 150 pages so my box would fit in when I closed the book. You might also need to take the box out while cutting pages, and put it back in multiple times just to make sure it's measured out correctly.
  • STEP SEVEN: Once your box fits in the cut squares and the book shuts like normal, start putting your Clock Movement back together, following the directions. 
  • STEP EIGHT: Grab your self-adhesive numbers, and start sticking them in the correct clock position on the cover. You can use all the numbers if desired. I only used four, because I thought it looked better, but in the end, it's up to you! This is your clock! 
  • STEP NINE: Place a AA battery inside the box, and before you switch the box into the 'on' position, make sure your hands are all set at the 12:00 position, or it will not work.
  • STEP TEN: Once you turn your clock on, and see that it ticks normally, you are ready to set your time! Set it to the correct time, and voila! 
  • STEP ELEVEN: Pick a spot to show off your beautiful new book clock!
And that's it! Feel free to ask any questions below or hit me up on twitter!

Let's discuss!
What do you think of a book clock? 
Going to try to make one yourself?
What bookish craft should I make next?


  1. AHH THIS IS SO CUTE!!!!!! I love it!!!! Great post, Becca! maybe next time you could do bookish nail art or jewelry! :)

    -Kimi at Geeky Chiquitas

    1. Ooooh those are both very good ideas, Kimi! I'm going to attempt it! Although I'm horrible at painting nails! LOL! Thanks hun! :)

  2. Wow, that is so cool! I can't believe you made a clock out of Heir of Fire but darn if it isn't gorgeous :) I might save this craft for the summer holidays – thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Zareena! I love it! I can't stop staring at it! You should definitely do it. It's not too labor intensive or very hard, just a little time consuming! :)

  3. This is pretty awesome! And super creative.

  4. Ahh, this looks so cool! I personally can't stand analogue clocks because of the ticking, but it's a fantastic idea.

    1. Lol after awhile I tend to just tune them out. We have a grandfather clock in my house, so I'm used to the ticking! ;) But thanks Celine!

  5. It looks absolutely amazing but I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to do that to a book, spare copy or not!!

    1. LOL. It was pretty hard, but I wanted to make it so darn bad! I got over it after I saw how awesome it was! :)

  6. Mmm, I'm tempted lol. I think I may give this a go. I have so many other crafts that I want to do, but never always do bc I always end up reading :). But I love this project, awesome job Becca. xoxo

    1. You should, girly! It's fairly easy enough! LOL. Same here girl. There's just not enough time in each day! Thanks dear! XO!

  7. Thanks so much for this tutorial! Your book clock is so prettyyyy! This is definitely something I need to do soon.


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